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Monday, March 14

The hottest burrito I ever ate...

It's a pretty unbelievable what's going on in Japan right now, so I'm pretty grateful to have been able to visit there a few months ago under much better circumstances. It might not be much but every dollar helps and the least I could do was donate a few bucks in hopes that others will soon be able to visit and have as much fun as we did (go for it, they made it real easy). Although Tokyo and Kyoto aren't near the Sendai region (and I'm not sure how wide spread the destruction is to other areas) there's not doubt though that this disaster impacts the whole country. I've decided to step it up and finally put an end to the Japan Series this week to remind us of the happier times. Expect the last episode to drop next week.

Another tragedy of far lesser magnitude is the effect this burrito had on my bowels. I'm pretty sure the burrito girl straight up spited me this time around because she went crazy with the sauce and it was the first time I had to stop mid-burrito to get a glass of milk. I felt just like Adam Richman but I finished it though, like a pro.

In this battle of Man vs. Food, man is victorious...sort of.


Melissa said...

"Another tragedy of far lesser magnitude is the effect this burrito had on my bowels." This statement made me laugh out loud!