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Tuesday, April 5

Baptized in Blood metal concert photos @ the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto

So Baptized in Blood is an awesome metal band from London who I just saw live for the first time. Kev had seen them before and tried to convince me to go but I had only heard them via the YouTube (ie: the music video they shot at Mt. St. Louis) and wasn't sure what to expect. So then I went and it was awesome - they really laid it down at the Hard Luck on Saturday and I'd for sure see them again now.

Other than being able to really belt, the lead singer is a class too. He was manning their merch table after the show and despite the misleading death voice seemed happy to talk to anyone and was real friendly.

Baptized in Blood 1 @ Hard Luck Bar, Toronto

Shows at smaller venues always have a different feel to them, and I'm not talkin' in a bad way. A lot of the time these bands are grinding it out trying to make it, so they're giving it no matter how many people come to see them...or it could be a shit show and they don't really care...but anyway...

I also love the fact that you can see about 10 of these smaller shows for the price of one other huge show where you can barely see what's going on. But yeah, I do hope that these guys will make it someday and play shows like that all the time though.

Baptized in Blood 8 @ Hard Luck Bar, Toronto

It's cool too see band members hanging around cheering on other bands, selling merch and talking to the fans. At this show most of them were around and pretty approachable if you wanted to say hey, great show or snap a photo or something. It's always nice when they don't just stay in their dressing room, play, then gtfo.

I bought some BIB merch and even managed to get some free swag. And by manage to get some free swag I mean that Kev is a big fan of the band, chatted them up, took some photos and they gave him a bunch of free swag (which he then graciously shared with me (because his hands were too full)).

Like I said approachable...

The REST OF THE SET. Is it Friday yet?