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What's this all about? Well, that's a question I'm probably not even qualified to answer. I guess it started off because I had nothing better to do, but turns out that I kind of like it. So when I'm not working for The Man I like to take pictures, make videos and write about whatever else might seem like a good idea at the time.

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Monday, April 4

Dragonboat workouts and metal concerts...cool mix.

I didn't know that is was possible for so many parts of my body to be so sore all at once. I can only describe waking up on Sunday as someone dropping a ton of bricks on my "abs" when I tried to get out of my bed. I had to roll out onto a knee and get up like Arnold in T2 after he got teleported from the future...except that I wasn't super jacked...or naked.

It was pretty embarrassing though struggling and pushing out zero pull ups in front of (most of) this new team of people that I just met for the first time ever, but at least I didn't avoid it and gave'r as much as I could - so I feel pretty good alright about that. I just can't count the partial or assisted ones that I "did" so my goal is: >= 4 legit pull ups by end of September. It's not an exercise that I really do so I'm hoping that's a realistic one, but considering my current stat I need to improve big time.

I need to improve on the rest of the exercises as well but glad I actually did it and set some sort of benchmark for myself. I'll have to admit that at the switchover to the pool I saw my face in a mirror and it was pretty red and probably could have exploded if someone poked it.

No pain no gain right?

Anyway, the day could have ended there but some congratulations were in order. Yeah, it's a little late but big ups to B&K stacker on their engagement. Always good to get together for some beers under any circumstances, but this just happens to be a great one! WAY TO GO!

Oh yeah...burgers and beer at Woody's.

Tandoori Burger, Woody's Burgers, Etobicoke

A few of us also went to a metal concert that night and it was the first time I though I might actually go deaf listening to music and had to use the ear plugs - that's how good it was...or maybe I was just too close to the speakers. Fun bands leading up to Baptized in Blood.

This one band, Devil by Defect (I think that was their name) was pretty funny. They're from Windsor, had songs about pot and admitted to smoking a lot of pot on their long drive to TO. At least they were responsible about it and seemed to have a pretty responsible DD who even refused beer and requested coke like right from the beginning of the night.

The lead singer got his drink on, but it was pretty gross though when later in the night he kept spitting beer all over th lead singer of BIB. I'm pretty sure it was him and I don't think the singer was too impressed either because he kept giving him the finger.

Devil by Defect @ Hard Luck Bar, Toronto

One of the other bands there was called Muffler Crunch. They were a duo sort of like White Stripes but metal. The woman drummer sang and it was pretty cool that the guy played an acoustic guitar and pushed out crazy metal with it - never saw that before. Somehow he managed to jury rig a pick-up onto this old 6 string, pass it though a huge lineup of pedals and pump our some pretty heavy sound from the Mesa amp. He also wore a suit.

Muffler Crunch 3 @ Hard Luck Bar, Toronto

Anyway, I'll post the BIB pictures later too when I get them off my phone.

The only down side was that they tried to push $6 pints of PBR. Seriously? My favorite beer is actually PBR, I know how much it costs and I've had it before for $2/pint.

The only people who would actually pay that much for it are those hipsters.