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Friday, April 8

Cyborg RAT gaming mouse...too hot to handle

On the theme of me not having any self control I just wanted show you this mouse I just bought. It's pretty baller but - as far as I can tell - hasn't helped me up my game in the least. It's kind of disappointing actually because I've now run out of excuses as to why my KDR is so low... Anyhow, here's what I've been working with.

LOGITECH MX REVOLUTION - I've had this one for years, it still works perfectly and holds it's charge like a bauss. The hyper-scroll wheel is super baller though, so I might miss that.

MAGIC MOUSE - I can't even begin to tell you how awkward it is trying to play games with this - I still can't tell if it's ergonomic or giving me Carpal Tunnel...

CYBORG RAT 5 - Physically adjustable, can change DPI on the fly and flies off glides on my rough desk like nobody's business. Plus it looks like the Batmobile.

By my broad estimation, it doesn't feel like you really need anything more than 2000 dpi or so unless you actually like navigating a 27" desktop by moving your mouse within a 1.5" x 1" rectangle. It does seem to glide (for sure) and track (probably) way better than the 800 dpi MX mouse but I could easily be fooling myself as I've used that one for years and seemed just fine to me. The precision aim button (where it temporarily lowers the dpi) is pretty useless though.

I'm still really getting used to beast but so far so good. I can say that it's probably one of the most comfortable mice I've ever used though, once you actually dial it in to the weight and size you want. I just wish it absorbed sweat better... ...... ..

The RAT doesn't even work in OS X though - see that's what happens when you impulse buy things you know nothing about and refuse to return anything.

It also messes with any other mouse you might have plugged in at the same time. I had to jury rig it with USB Overdrive, which in turn additionally messed up my scrolling with the Magic Mouse when I'm watching VLC and using that as a remote control. They're getting ready to do beta testing on some Mac drivers but there's nothing available for the public yet.

Aside from that it works fine now and I was able to assign controls to like every button and scroller on it (like a bauss): back, forward, close window, expose, open finder, left/right click, scroll up/down, middle click, be awesome. The mode button was to stiff/awkward to even press so I didn't assign it to anything and you can't reprogram the DPI up/down button either. 1.5 KDR here I come...