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Wednesday, April 13

The Great Life Purge of 2011 continues...

So yesterday after hopping off the elliptical (because the woman next to me just smelled too much) I casually strolled into this Boxfit class that was about to begin, because why not?

It's one of those mass classes that go on, and by mass I don't mean that tons of people do it but rather it just takes place in a big gym instead of a studio. Because it's in a big space, it's far less intimidating than sitting directly in front of the cyclefit instructor, but also pretty embarrassing easy for good looking girls people to see you what's going on since the track encircles it from above.

Not many guys ever seem to do these Y classes so I make sure to stay away from them when I do, aka that one tall/old guy that wears a headband and hangs out in the very back of the class in this case. In fact it was him, me and this one teen there amongst maybe 40 girls. I strategically placed myself in the front mid-right sector so they wouldn't assume I was just there to stare at asses, so instead they can stare at mine and I can wink at them when I catch them.

I've never done Tae Bo before but from what I gather this is pretty much the same thing (except that the instructor is a cute young chick instead of a super jacked black guy wearing colorful beaters). It involves throwing a lot of air punches, high kicks, jumping around, squatting on the spot and some mat exercises to fast paced music. It also involves me red faced and profusely sweating (whats new?) so I can only assume it's a good workout. You would guess though that a hip instructor chick my age would pick some cooler music but I guess the Quad City DJs never gets old - haters gonna hate I guess. It also requires a fair bit of timing and coordination so you don't look like a fool and jump kick the person next to you (because I'm smooth like that).

Now check out this little gem that I found while decimating my archives - it's a drawing from the back of a notebook that I did while "studying" in Beijing circa 2007. I threw it into the recycling trash like a boss.

Did you guys hear the Dean Blundell Show/What Happen this morning? WOW, she definitely wins.


Anonymous said...

I heard it that morning...imagin seeing that chic at a grocery store!? Lol


Make Me Emperor said...

At first I was like fine whatever, but then they just let her go for like 4 mins without saying anything.

Todd was just like "click, click, click". Hahaha.