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Monday, April 18

Superman Blue FTL...

Dragon boat season is ramping up despite the fact that it was snowing eye-ball sized snowflakes yesterday (I measured it...) - Swordfish finished up with their pool practices, Banana Boat got together to kick off the season and both teams hit the water in 2 weeks. Last year it was actually snowing during our first lake practice so I peed my pants to keep warm and played it off as getting splashed by the chick in front of me. The warmth was short lived as it quickly froze over and left me with stiff pants.

I think this is the first time BB has what seems to be an actual surplus of crew members since ever. Count on people to jump on the bandwagon when we started winning races but let it be known that shit don't come easy. Maybe our reputation precedes us...but probably not.

I don't know how the coach/captains will handle the fact that the boat only holds 20 people and we have like 50 members, so I'd imagine they'll have to work out a practice rotation or something before the n00bs QQ all over the place. It'll probably work out due to the drop out factor, sketchy people just not showing up to anything and others who believe that not replying to an email is a valid response. I'm glad I don't even have enough friends to form a tennis doubles team, so I don't have to deal with issues like that ever.

In other news, during the clean I managed to find some comics tucked away in a corner. It's an issue from the arc where Superman actually turns Blue, loses his regular powers and gets electricity based ones. Yeah, that's right it happened.

Mint condition, maybe it'll be worth $20 some day...