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Thursday, April 14

So they opened a Tako Sushi in Mississauga

So by now I guess I'm pretty accustomed to getting my ass kicked by high-schoolers and fit moms, so yesterday I gave a go at this muscleworks class going on because I figure they're probably accustomed to seeing this red faced, super sweaty fat guy trying doing weird exercises at the gym too.

The YMCA program describes muscleworks as: A workout focusing on muscle conditioning, which may incorporate such equipment as hand weights, weighted bars, resistance tubing and/or stability balls.

I describe it as doing like a million super fast or super slow reps of exercises to loud music while holding weights and balancing on one leg and then you get down on a mat and do 10 mins of leg exercises that injure your groin. It's seems like a pretty full body workout and at one point you're even exercising your shin muscles. You's be surprised how heavy an 8lb weight gets when you're holding it above your head doing stuff for like 5 mins. Shit is serious.

The regular instructor was away so we had the same cutie boxfit instructor from the day before teach this class. I'm not sure how she does it but she's one sexy beast because as soon as she finished with the muscleworks class she went on and taught a boxfit one right after.

I think I found a solid Tuesday/Wednesday combo leading into my Thursday slo-pitch league which will most likely be a fitness regression or sorts due to the beer and wing consumption factor afterwards. And I mean you really just stand or sit there most of the time anyway. Come to think of it, Saturday/Sunday dragon boat workouts might also be cancelled out because of the team lunches which we will no undoubtedly have on patios afterwards throughout the summer. I guess I gotta watch what I eat somewhat if I really want to lose weight. Speaking of which...

Anyway, I ate at that new Mississauga Tako Sushi location yesterday (right next to Bombay Chopsticks) and for $69.99 you can get a more than decent dinner for 4 which includes stuff like lobster, lamb chops, 30 pieces of sushi, mussel miso soup, scallops on the half shell, + other food and veg that for you to box for next day lunch. Price wise it's cheaper than Prince or Wasabi or Imperial but you probably get just as much food and you can take home the remainder if you want.

We also opted to get three of the biggest ever oysters any of us had ever seen. At $2.75/a piece even the passing by owner boasted about how they were somehow really big yesterday. I'm not sure how long ago they opened but they still have opening special deals going on, so it's another feather you can add to your restaurant meal hat.

I've also been reading those Diary of a Wimpy Kid books heh. They're super short and simple (because they're meant for children FYI) but they're also pretty funny. Good toilet read...

"Step on a crack, break your momma's back!
Yeah, right.
Hey, Timmy, your mother slipped on a banana peel, and P.S. she is dead.
Zoo-Wee Mama!