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Friday, April 1

Is Netflix worth it?

I've been toying with the idea of getting Netflix ever since this free one month trial. Now that they got Angel and Firefly (even though I own the box set) and some other pretty classic movies it seems like a pretty sweet deal for $10/month but the only thing holding me back is the internet usage. I need to watch stuff in at least medium quality to enjoy it but I mean why not go for HD when it's there. Unfortunately it uses like 2.3GB/hour. Seems kind of outrageous but whats the point of having a HD TV or a big monitor if you're gonna watch blurry blobs all day?

I mean the overage charges could add up with that non-capped Rogers policy, and for the amount of data streaming you might as well download the torrent and have it forever stick it out and watch regular TV anyway.

But on the other hand aside form Top Chef (which is now over) and a handful of Food Network shows I don't really watch that much TV because I surf the net and play a lot of games because I hate commercials.

Anyway, tomorrow's dragonboat fitness test/1st practice for the year is probably going to be pretty tiring. Good thing I will be able to unwind at this concert after?