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Wednesday, August 4

Biking in Glen Major Forest

So turns out there are tons of bike trails around the Durham Region. Tons.

The first one we tested out was Glen Major Forest, and apparently there are 15 km of trails there so I've read. Glen Major is connected to Walker Woods, which is connected to Durham Forest - it's like a trio of awesome or hard times depending on how you look at it. One thing is for sure though, it's a hell of a workout.

Walker Woods and Glen Major Forest

From what I can tell, G.M. is all about the rolling hills. The shitty part is that you gotta go up them, the other shitty part is that going down them is super short lived but fun while it lasts. One thing that I wasn't expecting that we saw a lot of throughout the weekend was sand. I never knew it could throw off your game so much, as you'll see in the video. When you hit it at any sort of speed, not only do you instantaneously slow down (like with the brakes on my excellent Civic) but you can also lose control, as you basically float over the terrain haphazardly (like my excellent Civic in the winter).

Glen Major Forest/Walker Woods Trail Map

For some reason, biking has become synonymous with falling recently. It's probably because we're still learning the ropes but hail thor that none of us has gotten seriously injured. Staying intact FTW.