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Monday, August 9

House parties turn into dinner parties...you're getting old

It's not like I attend a ton of anything these days as life has gotten pretty stale as of lately (since I'm apparently somehow stuck in an eternal sausage fest and living at home), but I was randomly invited to a dinner party last night up in the Tee-Dot-Oh, so I thought I'd check out the scene...and by scene I mean any interesting single girls who might be there...

At this age, it's always weird being one of the random non-coupled people at any sort of gathering like that but I've pretty much mastered that bag (unfortunately). In hindsight, the house party I bailed out on Saturday night might have probably been more fitting for a striking guy like me but because of the (successful) regatta earlier that day I barely made it past 9:30pm.

Dressing up and bringing a dish is a far cry from showing up at a student house with a mickey and clubbing clothes on. Pulling non-drunk small talk out of thin air over finger food with randoms is more of an art form than playing beer pong and slamming beers to say the least. You realize that you're getting older because you drink wine and talk about jobs and gardening rather than 10% beer, tests and how your friend barely made it home the other day. Life doesn't really seem to be coming towards you at 300kph anymore.

On the other hand, it is nice to have some sort of structure and actually being able to afford nice things ain't half bad either. The weekends are way more important than they used to be and I now have a hoard of t-shirts and jeans that I have no use for, and more dress shirts and khakis than I'll ever need. Some habits never die though. I still love instant noodles, making dumplings on a Sunday morning is my favorite breakfast ever and I still love dollar beers. That's real life for you I guess.

Shit, I need a girlfriend.