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Friday, August 27

Scott Pilgrim vs. Everything

Say what you want but I'm a big fan of Metric so when you add Scott Pilgrim to the mix how can you lose. Well turns out if you pre-ordered the OST you get the Clash At Demonhead version of Black Sheep sang by Brie Larson as bonus track 23. If you pre-ordered the Deluxe OST you get that plus the Clash At Demonhead performing at Lee's Palace music video. If you're a sucker like the rest of us you get neither and have to watch them on YouTube.

I'll have to admit that the soundtrack is pretty pimp but I like the Brie Larson version better than the Metric - baby I know. Chick's got attitude and is super cute.

I'm so going to buy this movie on Blu-ray then buy a PS3 so I can watch it on my 13" VHS/TV Combo.

As usual TGIF.