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Tuesday, August 31

Toronto Roller Derby Pictures

It's a pretty rad scene with a very Torontonian crowd. Kids were running around, groups of cougars were celebrating their birthdays, tons of hip chicks and lots of tattoos everywhere but no bikers...

"The Toronto Roller Derby League (ToRD) is the largest flat-track derby league in Canada boasting nearly 80 active skaters! The Gore-Gore Rollergirls, Chicks Ahoy!, Death Track Dolls, Smoke City Betties, and CN Power (our all-star travel team) are thrilled to bring Toronto the finest jams, checks, hits, blocks, knocks, bumps and bruises yet seen on wheels!"

This is what I could gather from my first time ever seeing one of these things in real life...

A match is called a bout and consists of two 30 minute halfs. During each half teams skate as many jams as possible.

Toronto Roller Derby - 010

Each jam begins from a dead start, can last as long as 2 minutes or until the lead jammer calls it off.

Toronto Roller Derby - 041

The jammers - who actually score the points - start staggered from the main pack. On the 1st whistle the main pack starts moving and on the 2nd whistle the jammers take off.

Toronto Roller Derby - 017

The first jammer to pass the pack becomes the lead jammer, and after passing the pack, jammers score points for every opposing team member they lap. The hitting comes into play because they're trying to prevent that.

Toronto Roller Derby - 075

The skaters with the lines on their helmets are called the pivots and they control the pace of their team's pack during each jam. I think team members have to stay within a certain distance of their pivot.

Toronto Roller Derby - 062

The lead jammer can call the end of the jam by touching their helmet then giving the suck it sign (repeatedly).

Toronto Roller Derby - 020

They also give penalties for players who do illegal stuff like boob punches and there's like 8 refs during a bout because there's so much stuff going on.

Toronto Roller Derby - 072

Skaters also need a minimum of 5 tattoos and must not have problems wearing booty shorts to participate.