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Tuesday, August 3

Deep fried Mars Bars = too much good livin'

Seems that I have made it out of the weekend alive just barely. Took a couple spills on the trail but I think my downhill XP just went up like 5 points as a result of all this crazy biking. My bike gang is still amateur at best, but we like to try hard at least.

Although I just went through like 3 days straight of pretty intense activity, it also included 3 days straight of pretty intense eating. Turns out we worked out a pretty beastly appetite on the trail, which lead to some over-excessive evenings if you know what I mean. Like I said, too much good livin' can't be good for you...

Pete's Big Bite, Whitby, Ontario

I also managed to try my first deep fried Mars Bar at Pete's Big Bite in Whitby (that place is da bob-omb). I can only describe it as rich and unhealthy and makes your heart hurt...although I did only eat 1/3. I think it did live up to the hype...unfortunately.

Deep fried Mars bar

Trail videos to come.