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Sunday, August 22

Mountain Biking in Downtown Toronto

It's surprising you know, being able to mountain bike in the heart of downtown Toronto. When I first heard about it, I was doubtful, but turns out it's pretty legit and a super fun ride.

One thing though is that since most of it is alongside cliff's edges (like above), if it's muddy or raining you'll probably die or at least break your spine...or fall into polluted sewage rivers and get AIDS...

For most of the trails it seems that you'll have to get off the beaten path (aka not on the map) to find the good stuff. There's even some north shore features along with other super sketchy man made stuff. Kevin's buddy broke his rib on this sketchy see-saw.

There's even a dirt jump park with a pump track if you look hard enough. I went there and threw down. True story.

The only thing is there's a lot more traffic than I'm used to although it's not a big deal. Also, since the trail runs along downtown there's a lot of places you can break off to and stop for a break. Apparently the Dairy Queen at the top of Pottery Road is a big one and the Loblaws at one of the trail entrances.

It's definitely an awesome weeknight ride that you don't have to go far for.


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