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Saturday, August 14

Scott Pilgrim, definitely not like the book...

Well the tail end anyway and I'm sorta glad. I was really wondering how the director could possibly pack something that took 6+ years in the making into 2 hours, but was relieved that he didn't ruin it in the least. It was super funny, action packed and referenced everything I enjoy ever. My mouth muscles hurt from smiling so much. It's definitely a win / made my top 10.

The fight scenes were actually pretty intense (which I wasn't expecting at all), all the random quirks from the book made it in (I wondering how they were gonna deal out all that randomness), the actors were awesome and Knives Chau was super cute. I have to go stalk her in real life now...thanks

It would have definitely hit the #1 spot but I thought it lost a bit too much speed midway, considering how jam packed it was right off the bat. But to put it into perspective it went from about 228km/h to like 172km/h (take that you Americans). Inception, I would rate at a pedestrian 80 km/h. Scott Pilgrim was like ADD awesomeness from the 90s. Go watch it.

Here's a primer.

I also want to make an honorable mention to this burger joint we hit up today...despite the fact that it's in Etobicoke. Say hello to Woody's Canadian hardwood grilled burgers. That's right, hardwood grilled. By Mexicans!

Boom Beef Burger with Pulled Pork, Woody's Burgers, Etobicoke

I'm riding at 9:30 tomorrow but I'm blogging at 2am...I regret this decision immediately. Pew pew!