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Friday, August 6

Durham Forest, you're a tricky one to bike...

One of the other places we rode the past weekend was Durham Forest, which is North-East of Glen Major. You can actually get there via trail, but if you're anything like us you'd probably get lost, exhausted, dehydrated, starve and then finally eaten by feral squirrels.

The ride lasted way longer than expected as we had to circle back for the straggler who came after we were already on the trail for 2 hours. He rode without a helmet, wore gym clothes, winter gloves and K-swiss shoes. It's hard to take someone like that seriously in any situation. His bike also had those gears that you shift by twisting them and made unhealthy sounds on the trail. I don't know how he survived. That's Canadian Tire for you...

One thing that was not enjoyable about the place was that poison ivy was literally running rampant. You better watch where you stop, fall, pee and ride because that shit is no joke - it was just everywhere. I suggest you read up on identifying it before hitting the trail if you aren't a badass Eagle Scout like me.

Also, even though there were trail markers, I'm pretty sure I was lost 100% like half of the time.

Anyway, although there weren't as many high speed hills as G.M. it seemed to flow a lot better and was way more twisty and interesting to ride. The good thing about not going too fast is that falling hurts less.

Several hours later, we then proceeded to demolish eat sushi in one of the least busiest sushi places I've ever been to (which was also poorly made by Koreans). The place was pretty baron but at least the fish was fresh as we had seen the fish monger drop off a payload earlier on.

Weekend, here I come...


JGthree said...

Were you using the Chesty mount there? Did you use any other attachments to make the camera point up more than usual? The majority of the footage I've captured with my Chesty is of my front tire because it points down when I'm riding ...

Make Me Emperor said...

Yeah, used the Chesty. I found it pointed too far down as well when upright, but if you clip it in upside down then you can tilt it up as much as you want. But then you need to use Streamclip to rotate it 180 degrees.