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Monday, August 9

Woodstock Dragon Boat Festival Race Videos

It gets pretty intense on the boat during a race with all the yelling and screaming coming from everywhere. I don't think anyone gets more intense than our coach who yells awesome motivational profanities while motoring down the course and then congratulates us afterward by calling us mothaf**kas, lol. It's awesome, trust me.

Here we are mid race, we're boat #1 and our coach is the guy with the GoPro strapped to his head. It was tight final. The race was actually faster than a lot of teams in higher divisions...fo reel.


During a race you aren't supposed to look outside of your boat as you should be concentrating on the pacers/teammates to keep in sync. When you get out of sync the boat caterpillars and it's pretty tragic, trust me. So really, we had no idea it was this close...or at least I didn't up in row 3. Here's the view and the yelling from coach's bald head. I'm pretty sure he lost his voice after the final.

Rest of the videos HERE.

On a related note, tragedy was nearly avoided as somehow I managed to forget my life jacket and paddle at our camp before leaving for dinner. I have no idea what I was thinking but that's about $400 worth of DB gear right leaning against that tree. Luckily I didn't forget my Nikon glass and GoPro which would have ran me a waaaaaay more tragic number. The world is a cruel place, don't you know.

Thanks to our team captain for some solid looking out/saving my ass. *Coolface*