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Saturday, August 28

Turns out roller derbies are awesome

Checked out the Toronto Roller Derby League last night - those chicks really giv'er. The venue is literally a sweat-fest because of the hundreds of people there and lack of actual AC, but turns out that roller derby bouts are super entertaining. FYI it was held in a airplane hanger at Downsview.

It was not a super gigantic event but I was at least sweaty guy #773. They sure fit a lot of people into this hangar.

Roller Derby Ticket

I'll post the set later.

Feels good to actually sleep in my own bed tonight - last dragon boat practice for BB's season tomorrow.


JGthree said...

No side boards! Did they just roll out into the crowd if they get bodychecked off the course? Way to extreme!

Make Me Emperor said...

Yeah pretty much, there's a another line outside the pink track line called suicide alley or something like that and you can sit on the ground there.

It happened and some skater knocked these people's beers down and spilled all their food, lol.