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Monday, November 22

Gourmet Food & Wine Show...it's'okay.

One of the things that I love to do is get tickets in advance for like everything - I hate waiting in lines, or queuing as many call it, because it's for suckers. Sure you might get hit with some lame service fee but usually there's also a discount code you can apply to balance it out.

Anyway, the one time we decided not to get tickets in advance (because we were somehow convinced by someone that "it will be alright" because they go every year and buy at the door...), was at the show last year. And guess what? We didn't get in. It was great as the 10 of us + a whole other herd of unfortunate saps people stood in front of the sold out sign looking all fly...but at least we were downtown and found something else to do. Anyway, this year it was like, "I already got you a ticket, you're going right?" To which I replied, "get the f- outta here Sure, I'll go."

I also don't think they stopped anyone ever from getting in this time around - the place was stacked (in more ways than one). Tickets also seem to disappear pretty quick so you better bring the cash. If you're anything like me then you'll need to reload too because when it comes to delicious food and wine my inhibition meter switches off. Buying $8 Kobe beef burgers and $5 Japanese scotch adds up.

I guess the ironic part about "Toronto's Largest Cocktail Party" is that since it ends relatively early we actually went out to get more food after...

And for your Monday watching pleasure here's Kenny Powers and Natalie Portman...

Is it Friday yet?