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Monday, November 1

Us in Japan: Day 1 - Tired as hell...

Well we made it, something like 20 hours from my front door to the hotel room and I'm dead tired. We decided to take the airport shuttle bus to the hotel instead of trying to brave the train system, mostly because we're too tired to deal with it and the language barrier is way HUGER than we thought it would be. Not enough energy to deal with it tonight...and at 4:45 it was pretty much already night.

The flight was a struggle though since I can never sleep on planes. I felt sorry for the dude next to me because his TV was intermittently breaking down throughout the flight and all he had was his old school iPod. I sort of felt bad for him because he was literally staring at a black screen and listening to music for like 10 hours, while I watched a shit ton of movies, read books and played games on my iPhone.

Other than that, nothing much to report yet except that they show porn on regular TV, the toilet is heated and shoots hot water into your anus, they expect you to wear their pijamas, and no one ever speaks English. But really since, as soon as we got back to the hotel we basically dropped our stuff off and just walked up and down the street next to the hotel to get some snacks and dinner, so we're in a bit of a bubble.

Looks like I'm going to be ordering food by pointing at pictures for the next two weeks...and then fumbling through change. Like seriously a $5 coin? It's like a night after the bar X10.

Anyway, hotel rooms here are apparently super small. It basically just fit the two of us and our luggage. At least I can see Tokyo Tower from outside and the subway is right across the street.

Anyway, I guess we can look forward to an early start and some more cell phone pictures since I'm going to sleep pretty much now around 9:30pm. It's about all I can handle for today...