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Thursday, November 11


And that's a wrap. We pretty much will just get some lunch tomorrow and then head to the airport. Our journey of gluttony has come to an end, with some of the best food and shopping saved for the last day.

After getting back we headed to Shinjuku like quicktime - it's probably the busiest or one of the busiest areas of Tokyo as Kabuchiko (the entertainment (and red light district)) is located near there as well as tons of restaurants, bars, department stores and shops. Busy.

We just happened to find an amazing spot for lunch and dinner. Ever eat a grilled tuna head? If you remember the Tsukiji market pics, these fish are HUGE. It's amazing - the jelly in the eyes and jaw are to die for, and the cheek meat behind the tough skin (which you peel away) is so tender. It was one of the restaurant we went to's specialties, as well as crab guts mixed with miso. We ate a whole bunch of fresh seafood there.

This was a great meal with lots of great drinks while surrounded by masses of red faced Japanese. Teens, yound adults and salary men all gathered here for the seafood and drinks. The atmosphere was just what we needed to wrap up the trip, followed by a cruise around downtown.

Here are some pics (in no particular order (I'm fading fast))...

Anyway, that's it for now. Catch you in the T.Dot.