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Tuesday, November 2

Us in Japan: Day 2 - Suit up, always.

Jet lag is a real killer, by the time we set off this morning nothing was open because it was like 6am. We decided to head across town to the visitor's center but made the fatal mistake of doing the commute during rush hour.

The visitor's center is on the first floor of these two twin Government buildings with observatories on the 45th floors. We were able to get our first look at Mt. Fuji since the weather was b-e-a-utiful. We'll be there in a few days (hopefully).

The tourist center was super helpful. One of the things they had were metro/foot sightseeing guides where it tells you which stop to get off, where to walk and the different things you can see in different areas. This was a huge WIN since we had no idea what we were doing. Those things are gold.

One of the places we went to was the Meiji Shrine. There was some huge celebration going on and they were giving out huge bags of free produce (wheat and vegetables and other stuff...I have no idea what you would do with stalks of wheat) and people were literally lining up for hundreds of metres for it. There was also some sort of mini festival going on and people were getting their drink and eat on under these tents and super cheap food stands setup in the park. We joined in and it was awesome.

We also managed to make it down to Harajuku - this area is cool as hell. The main area is this one street where people dress up all wild and eat tons of crepes (or something like that). Wikipedia will probably give you a better description.

Also, there's no such thing as business casual in Japan, it's either business - which means a suit - or casual - which means dressing up in such a way that make hipsters and kids at Pacific mall look tame. That applies to both men and women. It gets pretty crazy around there.

And man is this place busy. Like constantly. We also managed to discover some awesome food courts and eat tons of yakitori and other grilled awesome, but food here is actually pretty expensive.