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Monday, November 29

JAPAN Trip video part 1: Jet lag, food festivals and fun times.

What happens when you don't leave the house all weekend? Apparently like 20 hours of Black Ops and this. Actually sorting through it now, I honestly can't believe how much video my sister and I took with our puny little cameras in Tokyo, but I guess it's a good thing when we're like 60 and reminiscing on the good times? Sure why not...

Anyway, this is the first day and a half in Tokyo + the trip from Toronto. I'm pretty happy with it except for the lame solar flaring you get with the SD960 in bright light. I thought the GoPro was a trooper but this thing got passed along from me (took the China trip videos with it), to my parents to my sister (who is notorious for breaking anything) and it got pretty banged up along the way. It came back from Japan held together by my gum and some tape the 7-eleven uses to secure your food boxes and shopping bags closed and it still works fine. No joke.

This "project" is looking a lot bigger than I originally thought...