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Tuesday, November 9

US in Japan: Day 9 - Kyo...totally awesome!

2 hours and 21 minutes and 500+ km later we made it to Kyoto. What was supposed to be a relaxing day turned into the most walking ever. My bad knee is acting up and my feet hurt. Here's how the day went...

But before that, did I mention that it's fall in Japan? Stellar.

We had to take the subway from Shinjuku to Tokyo station during rush hour and WITH LUGGAGE. It was highly un-enjoyable. Squeezing into non-existent space with luggage sucks. Big time.

Anyway, it thinned out once we got off at Tokyo station and transferred to JR rail Shinkansen tracks. Shinkansen = bullet trains. Imagine the CN rail system but instead of slow coaches, they're monsters traveling at like 300 km/h.

Surprisingly, it's smooth as butta somehow - unlike the TTC or GO. I don't know how they do it, but just wanted to add that when the rail curves/turns, they're banked. Yeah, it's pretty fast I think. And Kyoto station is a beast.

Once we got to Kyoto, we took the shuttle to one of the fancier hotels we've been at so far: Kyoto Rihga Royal Hotel - $110 a night for both of us from one of those travel websites.

Anyway, the plan was to settle in hit the subway (Kyoto station is right next to it) and then check out the entertainment district for some eats...It soon turned into a gorge-fest (since we found the main food street - Nishiki Street/Market) and then extreme walking.

That's just some of it. We literally ate our way up this street before hitting up the shopping arcade and department stores, and then checking out the shrine district.

We also made it to out to this stunning temple/garden which had a special night thing going on for a few weeks, where the gardens are lit up. It was pretty cool to see, but man super far away. I wish I had brought the SLR or GoPro because it was sort of an impromptu decision, but turned out to be pretty spectacular. The cell phone pics don't do it justice, but it was pretty cool.

The other reason we walked for so long was because we got lost in the "lights" of downtown Kyoto, and literally walked in a huge circle. It was hell. By the time we got back to the hotel (which is now), we're pretty much done for. Kyoto is pretty cool, and I love the fact that a lot of people wear kimonos here, so tomorrow should be a blast.

Honestly, I missed out a lot and could keep going but I'm sooooo tired, I'm going to bed soon. You'll just have to wait for the videos. We got a full schedule ahead of us tomorrow.