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Wednesday, November 17

Japan by iPhone Part One

I think my body (and mind) are still rejecting the fact that I'm not on vacation anymore, as I've been totally struggling the past few days. Being back at work sucks...

Anyway, it's maps like this that helped us get around town in Tokyo via the crazy train system. That plus pictures of Google Maps on my laptop screen that I took with my cell phone (damn you data roaming). GPS works without data plan, but the problem is you need the data plan to download the maps to actually see where you are. An arrow on a grey background isn't too helpful though, heh.

The other super helpful thing is that on the streets of the busier areas of Tokyo there are random information maps placed on corners all over the place. They show the "you are here" directional arrow/line combo (aka which side of the street and direction you're facing), with subway entries, the buildings around you and arrows with distances pointing to landmarks. Unlike Kyoto, it's hard to get completely lost when you can find your bearings this way. This is the greatest thing ever for tourists hoofing it around town.

There's also huge street/building maps all over the subways so you can take the right subway exits to street level (to end up where you actually want to end up when you climb like a million stairs and escalators to reach the surface). The subway system there rocks and it's pretty much another city underground (minus the mole people that have been transformed via radioactive fallout).

Anyhow, other than the quick video I haven't even started sorting through the other videos and pictures - that will be a joy... Here's roughly the first half of the trip (I think) via cell phone pictures. Camera phones are convenient.