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Saturday, November 6

US in Japan: Day 6 - Japanese penguins and the everyday irregular...

Anyone want to buy a d90? Like seriously, with all the walking we've been doing lately the body and the one lens is really wearing me out. It's like I'm at a crossroads because I don't want to carry it around anymore - thinking of taking my carry less, shoot more ideology to the next level of awesome with something smaller...but I also don't want to sacrifice the quality...

Anyway, the weather in Tokyo has been nothing less than amazing the past few days. I've been walking around in shorts and t-shirt like nobody's business. I also find it weird that no one really wears sunglasses here either (except us). I'd be wearing those things at night if it didn't make me look like a sexual predator walk into people and objects.

Today we literally enjoyed a relaxing day with lunch in the park by the river, went to the aquarium and revisited Asakusa. Partially because our feet were killing us.

The park was nice, kids were playing baseball riding bikes, people were fishing and it was so warm. We could also see Disney Land in the distance.

Then here's where we went next at a 700 yen entrance fee.

Ever wonder what sound a penguin makes? Well it's not a quack or a chirp. It's like a cross between an elk and Master P making em say uuhhhh...or something like that. It's hard to describe, but the birds are mesmerizing as hell as I think we spend almost 30 mins in that section alone.

Anyway after that but before getting back on the JR Rail (first time ever today) we watched this busker do his act. He made good money no joke. The smallest denomination note is 1000 Yen, which is roughly $12.50 CAD. We saw at least 20 people dropped that in his hat after his performance along with various 100 and 500 coins. DUDE GOT PAID.

Anyway, we went back to Asakusa to buy some trinkets. Instead of hitting up the lanterns/food street we gave into temptation. It's no joke that we've been dropping a ton on food (because I'll eat anything in sight) and also because my sister refuses to eat street food all the time (damn her) and regular food is actually pretty expensive compared to North A. standards. But looks like they have a dollar menu/100 Yen here...

There's nothing I love more than street food...except for food challenges. Who you got!

Anyway, it was a nice night for a walk (still in t-shirt). One of the things we wanted to do was enjoy a real night on the town getting our drink on. It's not like we haven't been trying, but we also have no idea where to look.

We signed up for a pair of pub crawls but they both got rescheduled to days after we leave. Mang alive, it's really too bad. Anyway, having a few beers under a lantern is good enough for me anyway, and warm sake soothes the soul.

My favorite food street near Asakusa. Lots of lanterns, hoppy and beer to be found.

We also had a bit of a panic since we had no way to print our confirmation tickets for traveling to Mt. Fuji tomorrow. Luckily the 7-eleven came though big time with their awesome printers/photocopiers that can read any sort of smart card and USB device. We've been lucky these things as well as AM/PM shops are everywhere for quick drinks, breakfast and food. There's no Big Gulp here though...that I know of.

Hot springs, here we come.