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Tuesday, November 23

Operation awesome Japan stuff...delayed.

Sometimes you walk into a meeting and someone points out that you have hot sauce stains on your documents, that happens to everyone right? RIGHT? Well, that's the kind of day I'm having.

So the plan to sort through the 170 GB of pics and videos we took was this: sort through the cellphone pics, sort through the DSLR pics, then get my edit on.

The execution however hasn't gone as planned, as it's been more like this: be all psyched and make one video, sleep for 3 days, finish off all seasons of Man vs. Food, play Need For Speed and stay up late eating way too much takeout...and throw in "working" somewhere in there too. I am a bum who needs to go on a diet.

Time to get my act together, in more ways than one.


Abdullah Salim said...

ya man ... grow up already!