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Thursday, May 5

Deadmau5 just makes you drive more awesome...

You know, people will just hate on you for anything these days...

So there's this photography club that I sometimes go on photo-walks with, and a while back a new member started showing up. She was the only chick younger woman around my age (not even that close really), so the old folks other members somehow assumed we would hit it off and create some sort of gossip for them to talk about. Whatever. She was actually married, un-noticeably pregnant and they never knew this and just assumed she was single because she came alone (her husband never came out with her - what up with that?)

It's not like I see these people every other week or something. Other than my one friend who goes on these things with me, although we're really friendly to everyone and I do talk to her, we relatively keep to ourselves because we usually get loaded have dinner before and are pretty full by the time we join up with the others...I mean at places like the Distillery District or Port Credit, why not have dinner? As far as I can tell, people don't really care mind that we're all stuffed and they probably enjoy our company because some dudes can be real photo Nazis. We lighten the mood and it seems a couple of them might enjoy dinner as well (white people love wine FYI).

Anyway, fast-forward to now and the secret's out - she's full blown preggers and ready to pop. As a result "people" decided to throw her a "baby shower" before doing a walk the other day. Nothing like a random group of people gathering on a random street somewhere celebrating something totally random as well...

So they're all like, you know her the best so you should get her the card. What? I mean other than posting some vague comment every now again on some photo (which I do to anyone), these people are all about one-step-down from "general acquaintance" (at best). "Great black and white shot of a flower Lucy..." Fine whatever, I'll be a nice guy and throw down a Hallmark.

Anyway after the signing some genius was all like, "We should put together some sort of collection for her right? But only if you really want to..." Sure, I love giving money to total internet-strangers that I don't even communicate with in real life. No thanks. Hell, I even bought the card right?

Wrong move. After I passed it along, other people started throwing down some cash and I'm not talking coins. At that point I just looked away. I seriously don't even know if these guys are actually friends in real life or they all just go on every single walk together...or they're just super charitable. Hell, I don't know. I'm not made of money. I actually had a bag of pop-corn and a Time Horton's fruit smoothie for lunch today, it was bullshit. They don't even know my last name for what it's worth. Anyway, after that it seems I was immediately ostracized for being too realistic.

I will never go on another photo-walk with them again. Thanks.

PS. I was all up in Premiere Pro for about 5 hours last night - that's about 5 mins of video. I wore headphones all that time and never knew that your ears could actually get sweaty like that...I guess ear-muffs aren't a myth after all...