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Sunday, May 22

Black Ops: The easiest way to get Flak Jacket Pro & Hacker Pro

My allergies woke me up way too early for a long weekend and the lawn mower actually broke down on me too, so I pretty much gave up on the outdoors this morning. Instead I popped some drugs and tried to see if I could do some work online, as I haven't played much BO this week at all.

Instead of the usual TDM I decided to play some DEM/HQ and perk grind instead. Anyway, to make a long story short let me tell you that Flak Jacket + Sleight of Hand + Hacker + that type of game = Pro Perks in 3 hours.

Seriously, you just won't see that type of spam in TDM and get those opportunities. Just with the amount of spam people lay down and also throw at you, just by the odds alone, you'll hit up these challenges pretty easily. While FJ and Tac Mask go together hand in hand for this type of game, hacker will also give you a pretty BS free experience too.

I mean all you have to do is play DEM and you'll have frags flying at you all day long. You can also throw down the jammer to do some work near objectives too. Plus, if ou actually play the objectives they're XP dynomite too.

Check this out. Some dude killed me 19 times and I didn't even kill him once...how embarrassing...but then again, he is at 15 Prestige...

The hardest part about FJP is undoubtedly challenge #3: throwing back the 5 grenades. Just like how rarely people use the sentry gun, it seems like not most people prefer to run semtex instead of frags too.

Luckily, if you just sit on defend pretty much any last standing dem-site you'll get spammed with all sorts of shit. The good thing about this challenge is that you don't actually have to throw back the frag - just picking it up and exploding in your hand is good enough.

Even in DOM people will spam you all day, so just by playing the odds that with all that crap flying at you some of it will actually be grenades, you'll be able to throw back at least 5. I managed to complete this one in 3 games of DEM in Nuketown, since it's Spamville anyway.

The animation of throwing back a grenade is also something you never really see/kind of awkward looking/looks very much like BFBC2.

For Hacker, I used to use the motion sensor but now it's all about the jammer - it covers a pretty big area and that shit is actually helpful to your team and you don't even need to pay attention to it. I find that with the motion sensor, unless the guy is camping or trying to creep up on you, he's usually out of sensor range by the time you chase him down. The C4/claymore kills will just come naturally too if you actually decide to throw one down, so no big deal.

Just plant the jammer in a high traffic location or at an objective and run around it's zone. It's large enough that you don't have to camp anywhere, so it's not too bad completing that challenge either. It took me longer to get the claymore kills than this.

I've been playing a lot of objective type lobbies lately and the thing about that is I always feel like I'm the only one actually playing the damn objective. Maybe it's because I like to dolphin dive onto bombs go in alone, but it never seems like my teammates have my back. When one or two guys actually work together, it's like magic because people don't know how to react or something.

Sure a guy might go 30-3 laying in a tire defending our spawn, but with 0 plants/defuses/captures/defends he's hardly helping the team get that W in a 9 v 9...

Now off to a BBQ with watery eyes and snot pouring out my face...