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Tuesday, May 3

The thing about Kyoto...

You'd be pleased to know that after 5 months I've finally gotten back into the Japan video editing mode, all thanks to this recent Black Ops ban I've been trying to enforce follow. But seriously, after work or the Y, I can't stand watching TV and there's only so much nonsense I can read, so why not enjoy a game or eight two? FYI, made it to 2nd prestige, level 35, 1.1 KDR since last week...heh.

Well, the last parts have been chopped up (it's pretty crazy looking back after this long, but I suppose that's why you take pictures in the first place) and I'm about 4 mins in so far. This edit looks like it could hit the 15 min limit, so I'll probably have to find some more YouTube-non-cock-blocked-songs to throw in at some point.

Anyway, the thing about Kyoto is that at a lot of the historical tourist sights we visited photography was strictly forboden. This is no doubt in order to keep their ninja secrets from slipping into the wrong hands, or less likely to stop noobs from damaging hundred year old original paintings with their camera flashes or turning sacred places into a side-show. So it's kind of understandable if you're into that whole protecting your national treasures thing.

The monks at the Sanjūsangen-dō Hall were hawk-eying everyone pretty intensely, and would judo chop a child in the throat confiscate your cameras in an instant if they suspected that you snapped a photo of the epic 1000 hand carved golden Buddhas/that giant one in the middle of the hall. The ushers at Nijo Castle weren't impressed either with anyone trying to video tape the nightingale floors or artwork. So content got a little thin at times if you catch my drift.

And for whatever reason filming also got pretty sporadic at that point in the trip as well. My sister took most of the footage there and she was pretty crazy with the shaky hands and camera flying all over the place, so I put the blame on her.

I also have like 4 hours of the ultra scenic bullet train ride footage from Tokyo > Kyoto > Tokyo. I just sat the GoPro on the window sill and let it fly, but now I don't know what to do with it quite yet...

I also just finished watching Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1 - it was great. Let me tell you something that you might not know about me: I've read the Harry Potter books, liked them and even own a couple. Bet you don't have that one...