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Thursday, May 19

Prince Sushi probably doesn't take reservations seriously...

Let's just say I've been eating out quite a bit this week and at this point I am certainly convinced that Prince Sushi doesn't actually take reservations seriously nowadays...

So the other day, we get there and I'm like, "Reservation under Jake..." The lady looks at my sister and I and is like, "Yeah, for 2 right?" I tell her no it's actually for 4 and she looks back at the tables (not even at a workbook or anything on the counter when you enter (where I would presume they'd write down any reservation info in)) and there just happens to be a table open so she gives it to us. No big deal.

If you've been there before, you'd know as well as I that it's always busy around dinner time and you can have reservations and sometimes even have to wait. That's a bit suspect but I used to give them the benefit of the doubt because it is actually a pretty small place and could see how there might be a hold up every now and again...until now.

So the funny part about the whole thing is that when my cousin arrived, he was surprised we actually got a table because when he called to make the reservation the lady seemed to take the time and number but actually hung up and didn't even ask for his name. Fo reals.

So my guess is that you can stroll in at any given time, give some phony name and then probably get in before actual legit walk-in customers.

I've also been thinking about trying to make it onto the Wingporium Wall of Fame too. I'm on the fence about it because I've heard rough stories about dudes dry vomiting and having to take time off work and stuff like that from the Black Mamba sauce. MvF?


Abdullah Salim said...

Spectators allowed for the wall of fame attempt?

Make Me Emperor said...

Hahah, yeah lets hit it up sometime. The place in in Etobicoke though, maybe no longer in your hood, lol.