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Thursday, May 26

Dino's Wood Burning Pizza and that hockey movie Goon...

So we did end up getting into that test screening for Goon last night. It was legit and serious business apparently.

There were actual security guards wearing bullet-proof vests (not teen theater workers) and no cell phones were allowed in the theater either - they actually searched you with metal detectors and had a legit service where they stored your electronics in sealed bags so you couldn't bring them in. There were also some suits there handling the admin stuff, and the guards patrolled during the screening with so-called "anti piracy technology" to make sure no one was trying to snap photos or record it. I never actually saw this equipment in use...unless they were actually referring to the flash lights they were carrying.

What we saw was a "rough cut" of the movie so there were timestamps, off sound, off picture and some CGI missing, but overall still very watchable. I don't even know when this movie would be released or even have a trailer available, but based on the survey we had to fill out pretty much everything about it is subject to change, so who knows what the final cut will be like.

Yeah, so there was a survey afterwards and they randomly selected people for focus groups too, but considering that we didn't get selected and that it was totally free and the movie was good I can't really complain.

As for the movie, yeah it was pretty good but keep in mind that I also enjoyed Mystery Alaska too, so... I guess I can't really talk much about it but I will say that it was much better than I expected. MUCH BETTER. I'm not going to lie, but I went in there with pretty low expectations but ended up laughing a lot. There was tons of profanity, lots of violence, awesome soundtrack and it was actually really funny pretty hilarious.

Anyways, we also enjoyed some pizza at this place called Dino's Wood Burning Pizza aka Wize Guyz Pizzaria (they spelled "pizzeria" wrong). While it's not a fancy restaurant like Pizza Libretto, the fare was pretty good. Check it out, this thing is Turkish and called a Pide (pronounced pee-day lol).

Dino's Wood Burning Pizza - Sujuk Pide

Here's a shot of the oven - they use legit wood, not even skids. Sorry it's blurry, my cellphone ninja skills failed me...