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Wednesday, May 25

What free movie? Test screening? I'm in.

While lining up the other day for Thor, this shady guy in a suit came up to us and offered free tickets to a screening of this new movie called Goon. I can only assume that he was racial profiling because other than math advice or help with taxes I can't imagine why he'd hit up a random group of Asians (in public) for a movie about hockey.

Anyway, while I imagine it being somewhere along the lines of Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story, I can't really say that I'm expecting too much out of it (surprise!). I'm not even sure that we will actually get in because that's how sketchy the whole deal seems. For all I know they could lead us into a dark theater (blindfolded) and it might turn out to be a huge rape party, who knows?

I've never even heard of this movie nor have I been to a screening before, so I don't even know what "test screening" actually means. Judging by the flyer and huge disclaimer I guess maybe we fill out a lame survey and can never speak of the movie until it comes out...and also help them decide whether it goes straight to Betamax DVD or not.