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Friday, May 27

Making the switch from PC to Console...

My PS3 has been pretty much collecting dust since I got it for Christmas, mostly because I don't really have any games for it. I usually just use it to stream stuff from my computer, but that's all about to change since I just bought Bad Company 2 and Homefront for cheap off the web...just have to wait until they arrive in the mail...

Now that PSN is also back up, I'm making the transition from PC to Console Gaming. Why not? Despite that dumb Wii (what a mistake that was), I'll give consoles another try. Black Ops will probably be the last PC game that I ever buy and I might even get rid of my Mac's Windows partition too. The way I see it, it's cheaper in the long run since you don't actually have to worry about constantly upgrading hardware to deal with newer games.

It's probably not like I'm a hardcore gamer or anything, in fact I've only had my Steam account since December. I guess maybe it's because I don't watch TV anymore that COD ended up consuming those hours, but I haven't played games like this since Counter-Strike a few years ago. It took me a while to get up to speed with the mouse again, but it's a relatively BS free experience nowadays and I play like a boss.

The biggest hump is going to be getting used to that damn DS3 controller - it's been a nightmare so far. At the moment I might as well be using my feet because I can't aim for shit. It'll be great when my hands actually do what I want them too, but until then I'm that noob running into walls, looking at the ground/sky and getting shot in the face.

2 for $40..PS3 dominance, here I come (maybe).