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Wednesday, December 23

Adventures in China Episode 3

This is the last video from the China Series...and for 2009.

I tried to squeeze a lot into the 10 minute limit so ended up dropping a bunch of scenes to fit. It was either that or make another part, but I think my computer would have exploded and flung red hot fan blades into my eyes if I tried.

Filming sort of fell off during this period as well, something in the back of my head was also telling me that scenes of us walking around places like the Nanjing Massacre Memorial to a Weezer soundtrack would be a little inappropriate. I don't want to call that place a buzz kill, but we went from playing around in a park to being super solemn at a place where tens of thousands of people were murdered in less than an hour.

Solemn low five? I don't think so, that piece of history must be seen in person to be understood.

We finally got some of the other people on the trip to make some appearances as well, so instead of being those weird boys who talk in third person, narrate everything they do and seem to take a lot of pictures, we became the weird boys who think they are making a movie.

This is definitely different style of edit from the others, didn't use a lot of whole songs because there were so many short clips from everywhere, so it jumps around a lot. Don't know if its the best edit but its a nice conclusion to the trip...I think. Anyway, enough blabber just have a look...please have a look...