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Friday, December 4

My life on the bus

I've become a slave to the bus/public transit since moving to Vancouver. It's usually not too bad, except when you get on and the driver starts going before you've sat down so then you stumble to sit down gracefully while everyone watches you or when you're on the other side of the street and you watch your bus go by.

So tonight I'm on my way home from work and the bus is packed. Like it's so packed an ass is inches from my face. Anyhoo we're driving along and it starts to smell funny. First I think it's me cuz I've been to the gym...but no...there is a girl eating hard-boiled eggs on the bus. Whole eggs! Let me tell you that is the worst bus snack ever. I couldn't stop staring at her, with a disguested look on my face, hoping she'd read my thoughts and stop eating the eggs. But she did not...just kept eating away, one egg at a time. Gross. I was so glad to get off that bus.

I need to write a book on bus etiquette. First chapter: eating on the bus.


Clinch said...

I'm actually a huge fan of hard-boiled eggs, either on their own, in a salad, or on a sandwich...those little bundles of goodness will keep you going for hours.

Now, as for eating them on the bus...that's a little strange, I agree.

Van City All-Star said...

I am also a lover of hard-boiled eggs...I'm making some as we speak!

But I eat mine in my apartment or at my desk.