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Monday, December 14

Why The Phantom of the Opera was an awesome movie

Kick of your socks, crank the volume to 11 and book 2.5 hours of your life off, because you need to watch this movie. Yeah, I've seen the musical live and believe me it wasn't anything to phone home about. Even when that chandelier came flying down, the intensity level was still only at a 4/10. It wasn't until I found the DVD in my parents collection did I realize that a musical other than Mamma Mia! could be awesome.

Its only when you have King Leonidas himself belting opera lyrics like a jacked Pavarotti do you feel the power of The Phantom. And think about it, the poor guy's had a hard life. He worked construction, lived in the sewers, has a hard time with the ladies and has the face of a monk fish, yet he's still able to pour it on like Jon Bon Jovi.

Give the man a break, even in the end when you find out he's a real gentleman and a scholar, he still can't get lucky with the ladies. It's too bad really, because Christine didn't realize he had hot sweaty abs underneath his tux waiting to protect her from crazy Persians. Her loss...bitch.