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Tuesday, December 29

Shoplifters will be prostituted..

Normally I would say that when you buy stuff you want, you win. Forget about gambling at the casino or playing the lottery, when you straight save up and make a good purchase you come out on top.

But this year, I guess you can blame it on the recession or whatever, boxing day was 100% bust. Sure there were some deals out there but did anyone else notice that the sales leading up to Christmas were better than the Boxing Day ones? Have fun waiting in line for one of the 5 TVs per store, its only -10 outside after all. If the folks are Red Flag Deals say its a deal, then it is. When they complain, there's probably a reason for it. Seriously, those guys are amongst the cheapest most frugal shoppers out there and they all agree that the sales this year were nothing to phone home about.

You know what else was nothing to phone home about? Moon. The movie is about clones. Done. Save yourself the hour and a half. BTW, the director was dating a Korean at the time, which is why the station is named Sarang (translated "a love" or "a loved one"). Only interesting thing about the movie...

Instead watch Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea in high definition. It will blow your socks off and make your Saturday morning cartoons look like Cyanide & Happiness.