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Wednesday, December 9

Chocolate Abs vs. Vicious Ninja

Who would have thought that a K-pop singer could make it as a Japanese mercenary? Although the storyline was pretty out of control, Rain (aka Cholocate Abs) provides some serious action in his latest flick, which is rightly named Ninja Assassin. Guys will love the movie because its about 95% action, but girls will also love it because Rain has his shirt off about 95% of the time. Therefore, it is the perfect date flick...I think.

Seriously, if Rain wasn't fighting 55 ninja at the same time, doing hand stand push ups on a bed of nails or slicing the shit out of everything with his kusari-gama, then he was kicking ninja children ass or getting disciplined the hardcore ninja way in his flashbacks...for all 99 mins of the movie. Rad!