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Thursday, December 3

Dear Rampage, you are now the worst TUF coach ever

Don't get me wrong, he's a funny guy and I was all about him kicking Rashad's ass, but this season was just downright shameful. Every time he starts one of those unnecessary arguments, Rampage makes Rashad look like he has an IQ of 110.

I guess its no wonder that he decided to make the jump to acting, and its probably for the best that he left the UFC? I dunno though, I'm not even sure Jessica Biel's broad shoulders and super sexy firm buttocks can save the A-Team movie remake (Please refer to how Jessica Biel helped ruin Blade). I'm probably still going to go watch it though...

On the other hand, although I've been blue screened twice already in Windows 7 (in less than a week), I kind of like the new Paint.


Abdullah Salim said...

NEVER hate on Jessica.
And ya, of the few moments of TUF I've seen, Rampage has been running his mouth.
Windows 7 BSODed on me in the first hour. Been fine the past month though.