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Thursday, December 10

Music to make my ears bleed

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against pop music...in general. Most of it is pretty catchy, that's why they call it popular music. I like to listen to the Z103 morning show/drive at 5 to/from work, but since its a pop station all that new hot music makes it on there as well...which what I hate.

Ever since Lady Gaga burst onto the scene, standards have really dropped. I don't care about Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga is gross, Ke$ha is probably a chipmunk, Jay Sean sounds like he cries a lot and Miley Cyrus can stay in the US and party there. Maybe its because 17 year olds control the charts or the fact that I'm getting old (probably not), but the things they sing about are the worst ever.

While its highly unlikely that I'll hear Oh No Oh My, Wintermitts or Tegan and Sara (except for that one time with that douche Tiesto) out at night, you'd better believe that the ladies will go gaga over Bad Romance (haha)...which brings me to the other reason I like to listen to pop: in the rare occasion that I have a move and need somewhere to bust it, I kind of like to know what the people are busting it too these days...anyhow...

The solutions (for now): praise Peter Chao for the ipod/AUX input on my car deck and other stations like FLOW and the Edge. While I don't particularly enjoy their on air personalities, sometimes its nice to rock out with your co** out air guitar and get some head banging action going on.

Hopefully it will pass...but probably not.

Anyhow, here are some Canadian artists I like to chill you out on this Thursday night.