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Sunday, February 21

Benecio Del Toro is not a good wolfman.

So I just had one of the longest nights/days evar.

It all started well enough at the always delicious Memphis Smokehouse, but quickly fell apart about half way into the movie: The Wolfman.

That poor quality movie suffered from what I like to call the Jeepers Creepers effect - which is realizing how much the movie sucks once you actually get to see the monster (and it didn't help that the guy Benicio Del Toro is somehow really ugly). Yeah it sucked but the worst part of the night had yet to come.

After sticking around uptown for a bit I had to pick my sister, who arrives at Pearson at 1:50am. But because of ridiculous delays it somehow turned into 3:30am. After she went through immigration/luggage we didn't end up getting home until around 5.

Now fast forward a few hours to the Sunday morning dim sum wake up call. No rest for the weary? Anyhow, after that I somehow got roped into shopping all day long. Give me a break.

Asian snacks

Pringle Stix are a rip off of Pretz, FYI.
Pocky & Pretz

I think they got it wrong...or so right.
Chinese fondu

Anyway, I'm closing the day off by eating some experimental chicken hearts in chili honey sauce (thank you Jack Astor's). Here's a poor quality picture of it.

I won't lie, it looks kind of over sauced and gross interesting but but it actually tasted sweet/spicy finger lickin' good.