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Friday, February 12

iMacs woes and Steve Nash is the most ridiculous man in the world.

Well...here's the problem: I sit here with 72 gigs of video from Jon's GoPro HD cam and it's all shot in 720p 60fps video mode. That's all fine and dandy but even when I shoot video from my Canon SD960 and try to edit/render that, my computer struggles at the best of times. The odds of it being able to handle 60fps may make any sort of editing and playback brain crushingly painful.

I am somehow led to believe that using OS X on a high end Mac will somehow solve this problem.

Jon has a super baller Macbook Pro and Marcin has a pretty decent Macbook as well and they don't seem to have many problems with the videos (at least watching them, which mine struggles to do). I have a PC that's 2 years old (mid range at the time) but it struggles so much with video and photo editing now that when it hurts, I hurt.

The only problem is that buying the iMac I'm interested in would cost $2099 + tax which seems pretty outrageous. That's like spending $500 a year for the next 5 years for a computer that I can't really upgrade, and it also seems kind of risky with all the problems those models have been having as well. Dell has a pretty good sale going on as well with what seems tobe a pretty powerful machine, but it doesn't have the 27" display or the stability of OS X. Worth it or not?

I'm not exactly sure what direction I'm going to take at the moment, but either way I think some serious coin is going to be dropped this long weekend. It seems to cost a lot to become an apple fanboy.

Anyway, while I sit on this for a while watch this awesome commercial (thanks to theshady) to start your long weekend off right....and to get ready for the Olympics!!! GO JAMAICAN BOBSLED TEAM CANADA!

PS: Cool Runnings was on recently, lol.


Jeff said...

i'm guessing you're looking at the 27" imac with the core i5.

you can buy all those components (or upgrade to a core i7), for 6-700 (excluding the screen). you can install os/x on that machine you build (os/x runs on intel x86 architecture), or try linux and see if that stops your machine from crashing so much.

plus you could by a 27" display that doesn't suffer as many issues.