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Monday, February 8

Gakkenflex: because I always wanted a TLR camera and thought making one would be cool...

So I saw this thing for the first time on the always awesome Minjonju Show. Turns out Gakken is a Japanese publishing company founded in 1947, which also produces totally awesome educational toys.


I impulse shopped once again and bought one off the ebay for $50. Although I knew it was Japanese, coming from Japan and all the instructions were going to be in Japanese I was 100% sure pretty sure that I could assemble this thing using pure Emperor intuition.


Luckily there are fine people on the internet who have assembled this thing before and feel like helping others out. If it wasn't for this guy I would have had never figured it out it would have probably taken me 10 mins longer to assemble.

Anyway, tonight, as my back hurts like hell and my face overflows with snot, I decided to put this thing together. Here are some pictures from my 1 hour journey towards awesome.


Don't lose a screw because you'll regret it (btw, I didn't lose a screw).





Success! You can actually see something in there and the shutter works!


Time to make it pimp tight with some of the included decals.


Now I just have to figure out how to load, advance and rewind film in it....then shoot!