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Tuesday, February 2

Exhaustion: brought to you by Stowe Mountain Resort

So today we went back to Stowe since they had $39 lift tickets to celebrate Woodchuck Day in Vermont. I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and assume that its like Groundhog day or something else irrelevant like that.

Anyway, we ended up getting out early again and despite being some sort of special day it wasn't really busy at all - thank you Tuesday. Unfortunately, it was still bitterly cold for the third day in a row.

So right off the bat we decided to hit up some glades because of the nice impression Jay Peak left on us. I'd just like to say that Stowe glades are a lot less forgiving than Jay glades. Nothing like crashing into a tree to wake you up at 10 in the morning. At this point Kevin had taken a rough fall, Jon ran into the trees I had to bail because he was blocking the path and Marcin slashed me in the back while bailing as well. No big deal.

You know when you read about legendary runs in magazines or they say stuff like experts only. Well at one point we got separated and Jon and I ended up running into a series of double blacks. Some lady at the top had fallen and no one wanted to help her because the hill looked so intimidating. Jon and I moved on as well...unfortunately to another double black diamond hill. Moguls all day, not fun. Finishing that off left us feeling "moist" if you catch my drift. Hot sweat and cold weather don't mix.

I also managed to shame myself at the park today as I bailed out at the last second while trying to hit a medium down rail. Spectators were not impressed.

Anyway, we ended up finishing the day on the new expansion at Stowe and did some nice high speed runs on some wide open blues. Our knees are pretty much destroyed at this point.

Time for some food and some rest, who knows what tomorrow will bring.