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Monday, February 15

Kiss the Olympic rings, bitch!

That’s right; Canada has won an Olympic Medal Gold medal on Canadian soil!

I don’t watch any sports. Well, that is a lie. I HAVE to watch the World Cup. I played soccer for seven years as a kid and I have loved the sport ever since. I also hate the cold, snow and ice. I hate winter. So you would think I would avoid the Winter Olympic Games like the plague. WRONG! I watch every event I can and I cheer for Canada with every fibre of my being.

I love any event when the world comes together to compete. I especially love it when the world comes together to compete and Canada has the chance to bitch slap the rest of the world. Winter is our thing. We freeze our asses off for most of the year and the whole world recognizes us as the “Great White North” so if we didn’t excel at winter sports it would be a huge embarrassment. I know you are going to say “Canada is always kicking ass in the worlds and international events when the Olympics aren’t on” and to you I say; shut the fuck up, know it all it doesn’t matter because no one watches these sports except for when the Olympics are on. Does anyone care about curling in the four years between winter games? Or moguls? Or cross country skiing? No, they don’t. That’s why we have to shine when the whole world is watching.

All of that being said the pressure is multiplied tenfold because we are hosting the Olympic Winter Games. Also, to make it worse we have failed to win a gold medal is the previous two Olympics Games we held. Canada had Olympic fever and the only cure was more cowbell a gold medal. Thank god the doctor arrived quickly and his name was Alexander Bilodeau.

There are so many events at the games that it was anyone’s guess of where our first gold medal would come from, if it came at all. A lot of people speculated it would come from our men’s hockey team or our woman’s curling team, but in the end it came from the men’s mogul team. It only took Alex 23.17 seconds and a couple jumps to make things right and erase years of Olympic disappointment for Canada.

Now that the pressure is off many are speculating that the gold medals are going to fall from the sky like rain. I would love it for Canada to win every remaining gold medal in the games but for now I am going to bask in the glory of the first time Canada got to kick slush in the face of the world on home soil.

Go Canada!


Len23 said...

I was actually watching the re-run of that gold medal win this morning while i ate brunch. I must admit, it was a nerve racking feeling when the last skier of France went down that slope and had a faster time than Alexander Bilodeau, but Fate intervened and the French guy made a mistake on a jump and got points deducted. That announcement of Canada winning Gold brought such an awesome feeling. Your blog brings up a good point about the whole world watching, and therefore, its when people start to care about these sports that they've never heard about before.
Alexander Bilodeau is not only a great athlete but his story of his closeness to his brother is amazing as well, he makes every Canadian and even non Canadian genuinely proud.