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Monday, February 1

Powder @ Jay Peak...finally.

We were feeling the effects of hitting it pretty hard yesterday, but the hot tub, swim, sauna and beer seemed to soothe the pain nicely. So with buzz of fresh snow floating around last night we decided to head to Jay Peak today for this supposed 2" downfall. Turns out that it was more like 7"-9" and on top of that is also Monday! Vacation FTW.

Jay Peak is about an hour away and its a pretty treacherous drive (damn you Tom Tom). Some roads were closed so Marcin asked some locals for some directions. They seemed to give him a pretty hard time at first because he generally doesn't know what he's talking about but like most situations he somehow managed to work him Polak charm and get some tips.

Arriving at Jay, the sky was clear blue, but it was once again bone chillingly cold. It's what they like to call blue bird pow. Being a work day there was pretty much no one there, even another bonus.

Let me tell you something: Ontario boyz don't get to ski deep snow at all. Powder has legendary status for us South Central ski rats, but unless we go out West or apparently over to the East, we generally don't get to ski it. With that said, we decided to ski the deepest stuff we could find on our first run out. Unfortunately, that just happened to be the legendary glades @ Jay. That basically set the tone of the day, which consisted of us falling head over heels down powder filled trees. No joke, but no injuries either (thank you soft snow). Tons of fun.

Jay lived up to its legendary status and we gave the go pro a pretty good workout today.

It started to come down again later the afternoon but because of the cloud cover the temperature dropped. Back to the freezing cold even more so. At that point the mountain claimed one of my ski poles and so we decided to head out.

Consider Jay/us slayed.