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Thursday, February 18

Figure skating is manly, but not too manly...

When the Olympics are on you watch everything and it's awesome - I watch curling and it's awesome. Since it's the Olympics, when someone asks you what you're watching you don't say cross-country skiing ladies individual sprint classic qualification you just say Olympics. So when you're actually watching pairs free skate you can tell people that you were watching the Olympics last night and it's alright.

But let me tell you something about figure skating: it turns out that it as well is awesome. Take it from a guy who lifts chicks over his head with one arm all the time, it's not easy. When you consider that the girl's got knives on her feet then it gets pretty intense.

Same goes for when they spin these knives at each other's face or the guy throws the woman into mid air and she's expected to do like 3 rotations and land on one leg. It's impressive and when things go wrong they cry constantly (and damn their partners to hell) - I love the drama.

I don't know how else to describe it but man when those pairs skate and they skate well I want to say that I witnessed something beautiful. What up with that? Is my man card going to be revoked?

Men's figure skating, on the other hand, is something different. I'm pretty sure most of those guys wear makeup and while it's a known fact that wearing sequined blouses isn't the manliest thing on earth from personal experience, at least in pairs you have a hot chick looking just as ridiculous as you and your hands are literally all over her body and all up in her crotch (like constantly).

When you're a guy your on the ice wearing makeup, doing jazz hands, crying and looking ridiculous all by yourself. There are regulations to clothing and the length of the skirts, etc. but I think these guys wear sparkles by choice. Apparently you can get deductions for inappropriate clothing so I'm assuming every man starts in the red and has to work their way out.

And I don't care what Patrick Chan says, landing a quad does make you a man. I do it all the time.


Abdullah Salim said...

this is why it takes balls ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0T3RwwyYRU