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Thursday, February 11

News Flash: Japanese people are still very entertaining.

This is sort of like a Matrix: Reloaded moment here. I've been pretty busy getting out of vacation mode this week and being sick is one of the worst things ever, so I'm going to revisit some older posts with some more recent updates because I have nothing better to blog about today.

We'll if you're not prepared for a cuteness overload then close your browser now because Clinch found pew pew a friend.

Ready for this?

BAM! Ok, they may not be Japanese but I don't know how you could not enjoy that.

And of course (for the actual Japanese portion) there's the always impressive Genki Sudo. I'm not sure how this managed to slip past me but there's actually a full version of the music video I posted earlier.

Remember how I said that the first one was highly enjoyable? Well this will just make your poop your pants in sheer enjoyability. I totally have to download buy that album on iTunes.

Anyway, that's it for now. Time to hit he bottle (of NyQuil).