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Thursday, February 18

Figure skating has me so ANGRY!

At the risk of turning this blog into figure skating central I have to comment on the men’s free skate I am watching at the moment. Actually, I will comment on all figure skating I have watched during these Olympic Games.

At the Olympics you are supposed to be at your best. You are the only one who turned up for tryouts BEST your country has to offer. You are supposed to pull out all the stops and blow away the judges. So far at these Olympic Games that hasn’t happened. Well I shouldn’t group all of the skaters into the “choke and fail” category, the Chinese Pairs Gold Medalists and Evgeni Plushenko are exempt because they are straight up awesome and possibly robots.

I am no figure skating expert, but I know what I like and I don’t like to watch almost every skater falling on required elements. I don’t know how hard it is to land a double axel or the dirty sanchez Russian splits, but don’t you think these skaters would practice them until they were doing it in their sleep? Shit, I would practice a quad with twenty pound weights tied to my feet just so I know there is no chance for error.

Prime example? Patrick Chan. Dude has been portrayed by the media as the second coming of Christ. I expected this kid to come out riding a unicorn and to cure the cancer of those poor souls watching him to get some kind of motivation to battle through their chemo and live a long and happy life. What did he do instead? He shat the bed. There was no unicorn and he potentially killed hundreds of cancer patients. THIS IS ALL YOU DO, PATRICK! Did you not set your alarm clock FOUR YEARS AGO to wake you up to the fact that the Olympics were coming? Or did you get too caught up in designing your damn costume? And GOD DAMMIT, he just fell AGAIN! That’s it; I wash my hands of this whole situation. Next time, Patrick, you are on your own because Canada won’t soon forget this most EPIC of failures.

Here are some figure skating accidents to laugh away your anger.


Len23 said...

Why must you be so harsh? Geez. lol.
But i get your point about having their performance down to perfection, especially having four years to train. However, some of these athletes don't get enough sponsor, therefore, not enough training, and apparently some pay out of their own pockets just to stay in a hotel in the olympics, this is according to a friend of mine, i think it's true? You could probably prove me wrong on this, but point is, people aren't perfect, even if they appear to be, so don't be so angry. Smile : ) it'll make it easier to watch and live with failures in life, i think...lol